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Thermal treatment (thermal modification) of wood

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Thermo-modification of wood occurs in a saturated vapor environment at high temperatures, which change and are maintained for a certain time (170-220 ° C) in the absence of air, without any chemical additives, preserving its natural ecological and beauty.

The price of the equipment includes: a thermal processing chamber, a mechanized rail system with an electric drive, automation, a set of clamps, a capacity of a hydraulic shutter.

The cost of electricity, on average, is 250 kW per 1 cubic meter. lumber for the entire modification cycle.

The recommended wood moisture before the thermal modification is 8 - 12%.

Term of thermal modification of wood - 60 - 85 hours (depending on the thickness and wood species).

The chamber is cooled for 20-30 hours with the formation of a vacuum inside the vessel.